Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Full Stop Says It All

I'm glad it ended, what I meant was SPM. But when I come to think back about all the subjects that I'd sat for, they simply did obey the law that says ' How much effort you put in, that's how much you'd achieve'. I didn't believe at first but now, I do.

SPM began on the 18th of November 2009 (Wednesday). It started with the usual core subjects and ended with the electives. I consider the first few papers as warm ups and so I did rather badly :(

1. Bahasa Melayu
Date: 18 Nov 2009
- Frankly speaking it was quite OK. Consider 5 is the easiest and 1 is the hardest, I'd rate BM with a 3. The reason I said so it's because the topics that we covered during our group studies came out, was kinda lucky..I know.

* Tips: Always cover all topics not some and do not fall for 'spot questions', you'll die if you follow it. If it appeared in the exam, you're lucky but if it did not, then much apologies, you'd had to keep your fingers crossed, have false hope that you'll get good grades.

- The karangan session was not bad but the bad thing was I wasted 15 minutes to freeze. I was nervous and tensed because my mind was basically blank. Thank god, things were better when I started that introduction of mine...phew..

* Tips: Get yourself relaxed and clear your mind before you enter the examination hall. The more you are tensed or nervous, the more your brain is restricted to think.

2. English
Date: 19 Nov 2009
- I'd give English a 4. Essay part was disastrous. Wonder why? I did the same as BM essay, I 'freeze' once again. Then when I got to know that the time ticks faster as I freeze, I began to panic. Of course the essay produced will not be as good as usual. What I can do now is to hope for the best :)

* Tips: If you can't think of anything, just take a few deep breaths and DO NOT PANIC! (I regretted for doing so)

- English paper 2 was quite easy but can't really tell till the results are out.

* Tips: Always double and triple check your paper :)

3. Sejarah
Date: 18-19 Nov 2009
- I'd gave sejarah a 1.5 coz...haiz.. Don't blame others, blame yourself! Well, if I'd treated this history subject just the same as any science or maths subjects, it would be OK but's now a HISTORY...:(

* Tips: Don't take things for granted, don't believe in spot topics, believe in yourself, work hard and consistent and you'll get it :) And yeah, don't do last minute work for this subject, it won't really help ;(

4. Mathematics
Date: 23 Nov 2009
- I'd give it a 4. (FYI, I will not give any subject a 5 unless the result says that I got A+ :) So, the maximum level that I'd give will be 4) It was not bad..just that all I can hope for is careless-free.

5. Pendidikan Moral
Date: 24 Nov 2009- I'd give it a 4. I'm glad I'd managed to remember the 36 nilai flawlessly. So it's just a matter of perception for some of the question asked..

6. Add Maths
Date: 25 Nov 2009
- Aha..that, I'd give it a 4 as well. It was rather OK. Giving the same comment as I will give for maths...just hopping for careless-free :)

7. Biology
Date: 30 Nov 2009
- Thank god those four days of Biology revision did pay off... I'd give it a 4. Was glad that nitrogen cycle came out...having to memorise those bacterias...nitrobacter sp. ha ..glad it's over..

8. Physics
Date: 3 Dec 2009
- I'd give it a 4. The papers were not as tough as the ones did in most past exercises...but I was glad I’d managed to ask teacher and brushed up on my weak areas in paper 2... But the results for paper 1 was the same as chemistry paper one :( (Was actually hoping for perfect 50, but can't cry over spilt milk)

* Tips: Try to do more on the parts that you are weak in and ask teachers for help on how to get more marks in that area. Nothing is impossible :)

9. Chemistry
Date: 8 Dec 2009
- 4, yup a four that is. Paper 1 :( but hopefully paper 2 will pull me up again. Paper 1, that miserable 1, I bet I’ll never forget the use of vulcanized rubber as surgerical hand gloves! Ergh..Anyhow, paper 2 structure was as expected. Alloy was the usual topic as well as group 1 (lithium). The pass year state trials, SPM papers and present year state trials were asking things that were almost identical. So it's nothing much to worry about if you've done lot's of exercises. Yes indeed, 'practice makes perfect'.

*Tips: Do remember the things that can help you score easily like for example definitions, chemical equations, half equations, how to count moles...etc...Don’t leave anything unwritten, if you don't know, at least write something related... :)

- Paper 3 was rather tricky but there's nothing much I can do right now...all that is left to do is hope for the best :)

A broad smile on my face merely sums up the whole SPM with bitter sweet memories..All that is left for me to do is pray and hope for things that might not comes don't need to pay to dream of miracles :)

I can't turn back to alter my past, I can't grow younger to re-live my days, I can't sit here and not do a thing, because all I can do is create a brighter future so I would not regret later on...

I'm glad that all the teachers that taught me were very dedicated in their jobs, very patient in answering even my dumb enquiries, very motherly in treating me, very supportive, very...trully amazing! With the extra classes you made, the extra effort you gave in, I'm sure my results would not disappoint you... (hopefully) Just wanna say thank you and love you forever :)

Pn Roziana (My Class Teacher, Add Maths Teacher & Maths Teacher )
Pn Azura ( My Chemistry Teacher )

Pn Laila ( My Biology Teacher )

Pn Rozai ( My Physics Teacher )

Pn Khuriati ( My English Teacher )